Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105

Sheetfed Offset
  • DriveTronic feeder with peerless dedicated drive technology
  • Bleed- and wear-free ink ducts
  • Energy-efficient VariDry drying systems, right up to LED-UV
  • Non-stop pile changing solutions for uninterrupted production

Product Info

All-rounder for all manner of substrate

All Rapida presses are renowned for their superior substrate flexibility. There are thus practically no limits to the scope of applications.


Whether paper, card, film or corrugated board, the Rapida 105 handles almost everything which you could wish to print in sheetfed offset thanks to its low-curvature sheet path. Accessory packages permit further optimisation of the sheet travel for specific types of substrate.


Another interesting point: The special air-cushioned sheet transport through the printing units and delivery provides for gentle handling and exact pile formation. It is thus still possible to print at full speed when working with more sensitive materials.

Convenient handling

Many components of the Rapida 105 are geared to making work easier for the printer.


The modern ErgoTronic console provides a straightforward interface for intuitive press control. All functions are clearly arranged and accessible via a touchscreen monitor. Depending on the individual configuration, the console offers a job changeover program, job-specific saving of the press parameters, maintenance reminders, and much more besides. Even peripheral systems can be controlled via the console.


Touchscreen displays with direct function access bring additional ease of handling to the feeder and delivery. Air settings, sheet arrival timing and lateral alignment are frequently needed functions. But few will be needed at all when jobs are loaded via the automatic preset functions.

First-class print quality

Dot-sharp print has always been a hallmark of Rapida sheetfed offset presses. That can be attributed not least to their robust design. The unit substructures are cast in a single piece for exceptional torsional rigidity. The single continuous drive train between all printing units ensures extremely smooth and quiet running.


To further safeguard consistent and constant print quality, the Rapida 105 can be equipped with additional measuring and control systems. The functionality of such systems ranges from register setting assistance, via colour measurement to inline colour control. Additional functions, such as ErgoTronic Lab, PSO Match, QualityPass, or Instrument Flight for colour control based on grey balance, permit the definition of individual variants for quality measurement and documentation.



Max. sheet format
720 x 1.050 mm
740 x 1.050 mm
Max. production speed
16.000 sheets/h
Substrate thickness
0,06 – 0,7 mm
0,04 – 1,2 mm
Printing units
2 – 8
Fully automatic plate change FAPC
CleanTronic washing systems
VariDry dryer systems
ErgoTronic console with TouchTronic interface
Quality measurement and control systems
Remote maintenance module PressSupport 24 Sheetfed
Workflow solutions for printshop networking