Koenig & Bauer Comet

Web Offset – Newspaper
  • Robust 8-page press with maximum reliability and a high print quality
  • Extremely flexible for newspapers, semi-commercials and books
  • World’s first newspaper press with shaftless AC drives

Product Info

This eight-page, four-high tower web offset press with and without heatset dryers is particularly valued by small and mid-sized newspaper houses and contract printers the world over. Two or three plates across and two around make it suitable for both collect and non-collect production. Its maximum rated output of 75,000 copies per hour and shaftless drive technology throughout have established the Comet at the very top of its class in terms of performance, quality and ergonomics of all of the 2/2 and 3/2 press lines on the market. Its high reliability, print quality, flexibility and economy valued by print experts make the Comet a sound investment offering good value for money. Far more than 200 of these presses are in operation for newspaper, semi-commercial and book printing worldwide.


The Comet has a maximum output of 75,000 newspapers per hour in non-collect mode and has a choice of cut-offs from 500mm to 700mm (19.68 – 27.56in). Web width can range from 635mm to 1,000mm (25 – 39.37in). The press is configured with H-type units for printing blanket-to-blanket. Four-high towers with stacked H-type units for 4/4 printing guarantee a consistently high full-colour print quality with easy accessibility and ergonomic operation. The Comet can be configured with a heatset package including hot-air dryers enhancing cost efficiency and production flexibility. The results have been very good, particularly on matt, coated, SC and LWC stock weighing up to 90gsm (57.75lbs). Many printing houses in the highly competitive semi-commercial market have found that the Comet delivers a high-quality print at a very favourable cost per copy. The press boasts breakthrough technology and a shaftless drive system with a dedicated AC motor for each printing couple which delivers huge advantages with regard to ease of operation, flexibility, makeready times and waste. Depending on presshall architecture the Comet can be configured as a floor-mounted, gallery or two-floor version, with one or more press sections which can be coupled together. Its logical modular design supports individuality. Cutting-edge console technology, with a choice of equipment levels including pre-setting and production planning systems, is a standard feature. Proven superstructure solutions and auxiliary units for inline finishing, robust jaw folders, Pastoline reelstands with Patras reel logistics and further modules all contribute to the Comet’s high level of reliability and productivity.




Max. production speed
37,500 cph
Cylinder revolutions
75,000 rph
Cylinder circumference
533 – 700 mm
Web width
1,000 mm
Variable web width
DriveTronic dedicated drives
CleanTronic washing systems
Cutting-edge spray dampening unit