Koenig & Bauer Chroma High Tech

Flexo Print
  • HBL technology with fixed modules and printing from below
  • Siemens servo drive technology
  • Quick Set Up & on the Run Changeover
  • Fast Anilox changeover
  • Zerodefect technology
  • Remote maintenance and faults diagnostic


Product Info

The Chroma High Tech is Koenig & Bauer Celmacch’s top-of-the-range flexo printer: it features all of the most advanced technologies, including stereo changeover whilst the machine is running, automatic anilox changeover and the most recent zerodefect technology.


Its Direct-Drive technology and vacuum belts-driven transport system guarantees great printing quality and high definition. The machine is available both with an inline configuration – suitable to feed any flat-bed die cutter via a modern vaccum transfer – or offline with non-stop high pile stacker.


The mechanical parts are all made in Italy, whilst all electronic components and direct drive motors are provided by Siemens. Any other components are all supplied by the best European manufacturers. The machine is completely assembled in Italy at Koenig & Bauer Celmacch’s facility in Desenzano del Garda, guaranteeing the highest levels of reliability in the long term.



Sheet Format
1700X1300 mm
2100X1300 mm
2100X1600 mm
2400X1600 mm
Sheet width
Max 1700 mm
Min 550 mm
Max 2100 mm
Min 550 mm
Max 2100 mm
Min 600 mm
Max 2400 mm
Min 600 mm
Sheet length
Max 1300 mm / Min 520 mm
Max 1600 mm / Min 520 mm
Maximum printing size
1700X1280 mm
2100X1280 mm
2100X1530 mm
2400X1530 mm
Maximum mechanical speed
11000 sheets/hour
10000 sheets/hour
Ø Stereo-Holdercylinder
448,17 mm (with stereo)
533,75 mm (with stereo)
Processed materials
(F), E, A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, EB, EF
Corrugated board
Thickness of 1 to 8 mm
Solid board
Thickness of 1 to 3 mm