Duplo DBM-600 Booklet Maker System

Booklet System
  • Large variety of book formats from A4 landscape to 105 mm x 75 mm
  • Ease of use has achieved by several new function and PC control that enable to operate more intuitively and efficiently


Model Info


Machine Type
Floor type
Paper type
Fine quality paper: 64 to 160gsm
Art/Coated paper: 84.9 to 160gsm
Cover sheet: 350 gsm
Paper Size
Saddle stitching/Length: 170 to 640 mm
Width: 105 to 364 mm
Side and corner stitching: B5LEF, A4SEF/LEF, B4SEF/LEF
Maximum processing speed
A3 finished to A4: 4,100sets/h
A4 finished to A5: 4,600sets/h
Minimum size: 5,200sets/h
Stitching Capacity
No. of stitches: 0 to 2
Stitch thickness within:2.5mm
Folding Capacity
Below 25 sheets (81.4 gsm)

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